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My sister Ina Tichenor and I have formed a partnership to better serve our clients. If you are unable to reach me, please give Ina a call at 360-253-1879 or e-mail her at itichenor@pru-nw.com

 Thank you for visiting my website today. I have endeavored to fill it with useful tools for you whether you have general questions (See "REAL ESTATE TIPS"), desire to search for specific properties ( See "PROPERTY SEARCH" and "PROPERTY WATCH"), or just want to keep up with the latest trends (See "REAL ESTATE NEWS"). Click the various "navigation" buttons (Property. Services,etc.) to get to even more indepth information.

The Internet provides a wealth of real estate information for the buyer and seller. There is easy access to properties for sale, both homes and land. In fact, the information is overwhelming and the average individual is faced with trying to determine what is and what is not relevant in the property search and evaluation. So many factors should be considered in addition to price, such as location, demographics, and condition.

This is how the experienced and knowledgable broker can be invaluable. A large amount of real estate information is contained in the various pages of this website. If there is information you want and do not see, please contact me so I can provide it.

I can be reached by email (chansen@pru-nw.com), Fax (360-573-3028) or Phone(360-607-0791)